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Everett N. Turner
Disc Jockey

I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend these guys. I got them to make all the energy installations in my new home and their work was amazing! They gave me great energy-saving solutions and two years down the line, I have never had any issues with repairs and the LED lighting is just amazing in saving energy. Thanks a lot. 

Melissa Cole

I have a workshop that deals in metalwork and four months ago I was nearly shutting down because of high energy bills. I am glad I found these people because I have since cut my energy bill by 40% and returned to profitability.

Taylor Hughes

Last year I got them to install water heaters for my swimming pool and I am very happy that they have helped me save up to 80% of the money I used to spend on power bills. Keep up the good work.

The burden of high energy bills

One of the most difficult things that home owners have to face is having to deal with high energy bills. In today's world, there are quite a number of appliances that "an average" home owner would like to have and this can only mean that the energy bills get higher and higher. However, technology has also allowed us to come up with more sophisticated appliances which do not necessarily have to consume a lot of energy. Some of the electrical appliances that are used at home include those used for entertainment such as televisions and music systems, bulbs for lighting, electric cookers, air conditioning systems, fridges, microwaves and water heaters. However, a smart home owner has to work out a way of enjoying the use of these appliances without having to bear the budden of paying excessively high electricity bills. The other group of people who have to grapple with high energy bills are institutional managers. They have to pay utility bills for the various energy needs of the institutions they manage such as lighting, printing and running of computers. It gets even harder for those institutions whose operations depend largely on heavy machinery. High energy consumption can at times prove the difference between a profit making organization and a loss-making one. As a matter of fact, quite a number of companies close down each year due to unsustainable and unaffordable energy bills.

This is why you need us

In our two decades of operations in the energy market, we have provided both homeowners and institutional managers with endless options for big energy savings. For home owners, simple measures such as going for energy-saving bulbs and using solar water heaters instead of heating domestic water using electricity from the main national power supply lines can make big savings asa a result of energy consumption reductions going to as much as 80%. Our team of competent and experienced experts have been around long enough to know which technologies whether in combination or in isolation are best suited for domestic and institutional/industrial energy savings. Over the years, we have been working around the clock to come up with measures to cut energy consumptions by either developing our own technologies or working with other companies to come up with ways of using energy efficiently. There are a number of measures that are being spoken about out there as ways of saving energy. However, being that you are most likely to be dealing with electricity in most of your appliances and machines, it is not right to gamble with that. The moment you go to those unscrupulous technicians who are only after money and nothing more, you could end up having installations that can not only destroy your electrical appliances, but also risk lives. Whether it is simple installations such as LED installations, energy saving bulbs, solar panel installations or more complex and high-end industrial and institutional energy saving installation needs; we are up to the task. With a proven track record of over 5,000 installations, you can always count on us to bring you all the difference you have ever needed for big energy savings.

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